01 March 2024

Farewell to our first MECS Junior Guest Professor Camilla Codeço (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). We hope to host you again!

22 February 2024

We welcome our first MECS Guest Professor Konstantin Neyman (ICREA Professor at Universitat de Barcelona), an expert in computational modelling of nanomaterials for catalysis and energy technologies. Meet him in Vienna till the end of May 2024.

Exciting panel discussion at the University of Vienna (15 January 2024) “What is our future made of?”

TU Wien: The Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” has started

Universität Wien: Exzellenzcluster startet: Forschen für die Energiespeicher von morgen

Universität Innsbruck: Forschen für die Energiespeicher von morgen

FWF: Austria’s First Clusters of Excellence